Sunday, January 26, 2014

O.P.A.L. Northeast Region Interface Is Born!

The common Vision of Peaceful Cooperation and Communion of Intention is in full blossom all over our beautiful Planet.  HUMANS ARE AWESOME!!   The Unity Consciousness  intention is spreading and manifesting many bridges for fair Value exchange and Peaceful re-alignment of resources and Human lifestyle.
As the IDEA of our Global realignment unfolds our adventure before us, We- the O.P.A.L. Northeast Region Interface,  welcome connection with all other individuals, groups, and  resource centers for the sharing of DATA, ENERGY, and JOY.

We had a WONDERFUL first meet-up of the first contributors and participants ....... and our first Regional Event is in the early planning stages.  This site is the initial portal (still under construction)  - and we certainly hope you FOLLOW for updates and announcement, share it, and join in our frolicking and fun!

Our meeting notes and pics to follow SOON!

Tess, Hanah, Ed, Ali, Carm, Paul, and Joseph meeting in density for the first O.P.A.L. Northeast Region Interface meet-up.  

Let Us All Unite, in Love !